• “however good a Constitution may be, it is sure to turn out bad because those who are called to work it, happen to be a bad lot.” – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

  • “For democracy to survive, it is essential that the best available persons should be chosen as people’s representatives for proper governance of the country.” – Supreme Court

  • “One attains moksha (salvation) by travelling to Chaar Dham. But files go in circles to 32 dhams without attaining salvation. – Prime Minister

  • Tarikh, Tarikh-par-Tarikh (“dates followed by dates followed by dates”) - Economic Survey, 2018

  • “If an innocent person is sent to jail and undergoes the sentence, the scars left by the miscarriage of justice cannot be erased by any subsequent act of expiation ..."- Supreme Court

Three crore cases are pending before courts in India. Courts are full of litigants but the number of judges is less. There is a deadlock on increasing number of judges, as it is the judges themselves who appoint judges. In an opaque system, select families have ensured their presence in higher echelons of the system. A third of lawyers are alleged to be fake so how can there be any real justice?

There exists minimum qualification for the post of the lowest grade but none exists for MPs and MLAs. Every one of them crosses the expenditure limit imposed by law, but no one faces any action. The Oxfam Report shows that one percent Indians have 73 percent of the wealth India generated in 2017 and the bottom 50 per cent Indians got just 1 per cent of the total wealth. The schemes announced every year benefit the bureaucracy and action barely reaches the ground. 6.3 crore Indians do not even have potable water, half of our children are anaemic and crores of youth out of jobs. Marked inequality, falling trust in institutions and an ever remediless Indians are factors that call for a change.

At CASC, we make governance accountable. Through systemic change, we ensure the rule of law is enforced and justice is given to all.

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