• “however good a Constitution may be, it is sure to turn out bad because those who are called to work it, happen to be a bad lot.” – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

  • “For democracy to survive, it is essential that the best available persons should be chosen as people’s representatives for proper governance of the country.” – Supreme Court

  • “One attains moksha (salvation) by travelling to Chaar Dham. But files go in circles to 32 dhams without attaining salvation. – Prime Minister

  • Tarikh, Tarikh-par-Tarikh (“dates followed by dates followed by dates”) - Economic Survey, 2018

  • “If an innocent person is sent to jail and undergoes the sentence, the scars left by the miscarriage of justice cannot be erased by any subsequent act of expiation ..."- Supreme Court

Independence came to us in 1947, and 70 years down the line India awaits independence from the demonic changes that have come with the times. The law which was meant for protection of the poor and marginalized has now become a tool in the hands of some greedy corporates. Ambedkar had realized that the Constitution will be irrelevant until the country is governed by good leaders. The vacuum of leadership has ensured that in the age of technology, 287 million Indians are illiterate. 46 farmers are committing suicides by the day, and corporates are enjoying on thousands of crores of public money that they fail to return.

Justice is a foregone concept as corruption has engulfed the system at every level and lakhs of persons are forced to stay in jail without a conviction. More than 3 crore cases are pending before courts while Government and Judiciary battle to appoint judges. Lokpal has remained a dream and the goonda raj of police dominate the hinterland. Laws from the 18th century continue to remain in force, as the system tramples upon those it was meant to protect.

The institutions that were to govern have turned into shambles. The Legislature has let down the country by being most un-parliamentary and indulging into a political slugfest. The Executive too has embroiled itself into servitude and is known for lack of effective implementation of the laws. Judiciary, on the other hand, is suffering its own institutional demise as the Supreme Court has also admitted that getting justice is a hard task.

The mockery of the laws continues with increasing illegal actions of authorities. The media highlights such events but expects solutions from Institutions that are in turmoil with no corrective measures in sight. The direct impact is upon the electorate that has been left remedy less and is forced to choose between one alternative and the other, at the end of long five years. The daily requirements, be it economic, social, political, judicial of the citizens are being trampled under institutional failures and the citizen is the least cared for.

Transformation can only be bought by the persons who make up the system, i.e. us. Every Indian is a stakeholder in governance and we must use our conjoined power to transform the country for better. Centre for Accountability and Systemic Change is a pivot to transform the governance in India. A nationwide network of citizens, acting in unison to highlight the rotten system and working towards is removal is our common aim.

A non-political, not for profit organization, CASC symbolizes the strength of the common person with a resolve. Based on citizen based participatory model, CASC assists the governments in governance while monitoring their performance. A searchlight against corruption and illegal actions, we give a voice to every Indian and we make sure that it is heard at the right doorstep. To liven up the democracy through the active participation of citizens, and to reform the ecosystem we dwell in is our goal. We believe that the rule by men has to be substituted by rule of law and those in power should be accountable for their actions.
CASC is meant to take issues of citizens to the government and keep a check on their accountability, without diminishing the value of the system. The Governments are a reflection of democracy and a tool of governance and not the governance itself. True governance lies in our hands, and so let us rise to the occasion and work to bring in the ideas that our Constitution promised, Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

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